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28th Renaissance Festival - Rethymno

Published: 2017-09-29 00:00:00

27th Renaissance Festival - Rethymno

Published: 2015-09-10 11:03:44

Renaissance Festival Rethymno 2015

Concert cancellation

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26th Rethymno Renaissance Festival

Published: 2013-08-09 13:12:19

Renaissance Festival

Prolongation of the Renaissance.. "ART FLIGHT 3" exhibition

Published: 2012-09-14 10:13:29

Renaissance.. "ART FLIGHT 3"

Renaissance Festival of Rethymno

Published: 2012-09-14 09:59:06


Renaissance Festival of Rethymno

Published: 2012-08-28 11:28:49


Schedule of events 2012

Published: 2012-08-11 12:21:36

The organizing committee and the Municipality of Rethymno announce the schedule of events for 2012


Published: 2012-08-11 11:15:57

The Renaissance Festival is under the auspices of the Euro-Mediterranean Intercultural Centre for UNESCO.

The humans’ orientation of the Municipality of Rethymno is reflected in every expression and action of the culture. In this year's revival of the Renaissance past of Rethymno, the humans are starring: People who identified their personal journey with the evolution of the place that were born or visited, over the centuries, personalities that were organically linked to the land that hosted them and shared with the people the feelings that revive the soul and promote life at high levels.
The Truth, Love, Melancholy, emerge through their stories, as regenerative elements of our everyday life, as the driving forces of changing our view of the world.
A combination of quality events, with different starting point but with common destination, will enrich our cultural life for 15 days, redeeming our experiences with travelers who have won their visions, creators who have enriched the spiritual heritage of the city, with everyday people who heroically managed pain and lack of hope.
This year's Renaissance Festival invites us to become an integral part of a lively, endless artistic "portrait". Our own portrait.

The Major of Rethymno Giorgos Marinakis
The Organizing Committee
Of the 28th Renaissance Festival

The Rethymnon Renaissance Festival aims at becoming a centre for the revitalization and support of cross cultural exchange among people, as well as between Science and Art in the Mediterranean, the Balkans and Europe.

This dialogue, up to the present times, has been characterized not only by exchange of cultural elements, but, mainly, by debates, disputes, and wars. The concept of Renaissance has been central in our aims, and essential for the festival's identity. We do not wish to restrict the festival to the presentation of artistic forms or scientific achievements from the historical period of Renaissance.

We aim at establishing it in people's consciousness as actions revolving round a robust axis from which stems the creation of cultural actions in the present time. In this way it revitalizes and invigorates the ways in which we LIVE, EXPERIENCE and not just represent the different cultural traditions.

Our hope is to weave creatively the bonds between past and present times and to revitalize the way of approaching arts and science in connection to our relationship with nature (which has been among the basic quests of artists in the era of European Renaissance).

We believe and feel that Nature and Art form two versions of the same core and we hope that the Festival will help us all experience this feeling. Thus, the Festival’s main goal is to present different ways of expressing ourselves, and to help “renaissance” take place within people’s conscience through the recognition and approval of the similarities and communication bridges between different spheres of human expression as well as between different civilizations and cultures.

We believe that this is the bright and healthy side of globalization, when all universe forms one community, created by active and co-operating units. One ecosystem, one white sphere, which involves all colors in the right proportions. Our deepest wish is that the festival will be a radiating sphere which will awake and link the flame in all of us by its cultural influence.

Furthermore we believe and expect that the local population, which we consider as co-creators and not as spectators, will have a major role in this effort.

Dr Artemis Papadaki
In charge of the planning and the organization 
of the Renaissance Festival of Rethymno

• Presentation: Alexis Kostalas
Everyday happenings in the town of Rethymnon
and the villages with:

Members of the Organizing Committee
and Board members of KEDIR (Charitable Company of Rethymno Municipality). are:

Giorgos Koumendakis - Artistic Director.
Pepi Birliraki - Chairman of KEDIR
Eleftheria Michala - Musicologist
Eleni Hamogiorgaki - Educator
Elena Patsachaki - Historian

And on a voluntary basis, the Secondary School Philologists Irene Vogiatzi, Penny Petrougaki and the Assistant Professor of Theatrology Manolis Siragakis


Aρκαδίου 50, ΡΕΘΥΜΝΟ 74100 • Arkadiou str. Rethymno 74100, Τηλ./Τel.: +30 28310 40152
E-mail: | • •

Renaissance Festival Program


There are not any events announced yet for this year. Please choose a past year to see previous events.

Soon we will have more. For more information please contact: KEDIR - Municipality of Rethymno

1/10 - 1/10   Portraits of Rethymno Residents

( Museum of Contemporary Art - 12:00:00)

Portraits of Rethymno Residents

Sunday 1 October 2017
12.00 & 13:30 Museum of Contemporary Art:
Portraits of Rethymno Residents
Simple people of the city of Rethymno, from the past or from nowadays, with an excellent history which is worth studying, emerge from four directed monologues. The texts that they or others have written about them refer to the exceptional conditions under which the Renaissance-regenerative power of human nature manifests and empowers us. These are:

Maria Maragkou, Chrysoxeni Prokopaki, Maria tsirimonaki,
Manolis Christodoulos

Direction-Text Preparation: Vivi Hatzikotoula
Choreographer: Thalia Lazaridou

Free Entrance 

1/10   Portrait: Kostas Apostolakis.

(Pantelis Prevelakis Hall (Conservatory [Music School] of Rethymnon) - 21:00:00)

Portrait: Kostas Apostolakis.

21 :00 Pantelis Prevelakis Hall (Conservatory [Music School] of Rethymnon)
Portrait: Kostas Apostolakis.
A musical tribute of love and gratitude to the Master and First Musician of the Municipal Philharmonic of Rethymnon, who, with its many years of service, he grew up many generations of musicians of our city. His students, renowned musicians, reward with enthusiasm a small sample of what they learned from him by honoring their teacher.
A lot of works (plays) are written for him by: Androulidakis Manolis, Koumendakis Giorgos, Kyriakakis Giorgos.

Α lot of his students participate as well as the Municipal Philharmonic of Rethymnon

Coordinator: Andreas Plaitis                  Presented by: Dimitris Pervolianakis.

Free entrance.

2/10   Portrait: Ilse Weber.Portrait: Ilse Weber.

(Pantelis Prevelakis Hall (Conservatory [Music School] of Rethymnon) - 21:00:00)

Portrait: Ilse Weber.Portrait: Ilse Weber.

21.00 Pantelis Prevelakis Hall (Conservatory of Rethymno)
Portrait: Ilse Weber.
A tribute to the poet and composer Ilse Weber.
  Ilse Weber had a German-Jewish origin and she remained incarcerated in Terezin concentration camp for 2 years, as a night nurse. She was mainly deal with young children for whom she wrote and composed. In her naive forms which she dressed with her delicate lyrical voice, she took care of hiding the verbal truth of the children's everyday life in the concentration camp as she whispered to them the delicate melodies of freedom.

Guido de Flaviis: saxophone, Dimitris Tigas: violone / viela,
Achilles Tigkas: Ney, Anastasia Kotsali: song.

Entrance: 5 euros

3/10   Portrait: Karagiozis "The return of Karagiozis to his homeland".

(Pantelis Prevelakis Hall (Conservatory [Music School] of Rethymnon) - 21:00:00)

Portrait: Karagiozis "The return of Karagiozis to his homeland".

Tuesday 3 October 2017 21.00 Pantelis Prevelakis Hall – (Conservatory of Rethymno) Portrait: Karagiozis "The return of Karagiozis to his homeland". In his attempt to return to his family, and after the wandering and adventures in seas and distant lands, Karagiozis' fate brings him to Venice. There he will meet his Italian counterpart, Arlecino, who, in his own unique way, tells him the story of "Odysseus' return to the homeland" in order to inspire him. All this under the sounds of Monteverdi's music. The protagonists, figures and puppets are framed by a group of performers, distinguished in both the Baroque and Greek traditional music. The project is a production of the Greek National Opera. Alexandros Melissinos: figure of Karagiozis Elena Krasaki (singer): song Theodoros Kitsos: theorvi, bouzouki, Jason Ioannou: baroque cello, folk guitar Dimitris Tigas: violoncello, baglamas. Entrance : 5 euros

4/10   Portrait: "Muses, Nymphs, Erinnyes »

(Pantelis Prevelakis Hall (Conservatory [Music School] of Rethymnon) - 21:00:00)

Portrait: "Muses, Nymphs, Erinnyes »

21.00 Pantelis Prevelakis Hall - Conservatory of Rethymno:
Portrait: "Muses, Nymphs, Erinnyes »

The Vamos Ensemble and Ioanna Forti through the show "Muses, Nymphs, Erinnyes" attempt to capture the features of the concept of "Woman" during the History. The woman becomes a portrait of the Renaissance, a form, a symbol and an idea. The woman has been an issue that has for centuries been concerned with Literature, Arts, Music, Science.
A show with music and songs, from different seasons and cultures, along with visual material and texts, through the special artistic look of the Vamos Ensemble. A show with female perfume.

Entrance: 5 euros

5/10   Portrait: Stelios Foustalierakis

(Paleontological Museum - 21:00:00)

Portrait: Stelios Foustalierakis

21.00 Paleontological Museum
Portrait: Stelios Foustalierakis

  "Stelaki (Stelios) from Crete", who fascinated the ‘rebetes‘  from Athens with his triplopenia (with his way of playing his Musical Instrument) was one of the last representatives of the tradition of the Greek tamboura. He showed up the Bulgari from an accompanying lyre instrument to a solist instrument. In contact with great rebetes of the 1930s he managed to become known dealing with his two great affections. The art of watch and the bulgari. Nowadays Foustalieris is undoubtedly a member of the blues of bourgeois folk music. His innate nobility, his work and his attitude towards music constitute a completely separate chapter of his life. A case that begins to be studied by younger artists who want to walk like him the path of authentic creation.

Stelios Sikakis: Bulgari, Cretan lute, song
Nikos Koukoulitakis: Bulgari and guitar
Cihan Turcoglu: Turkish sazi, singing
Maria Fasoulaki: Song
Haris Panagiotakis: Cretan lyre
Yannis Papatzanis: percussion instruments, singing

Entrance: 5 euros

6/10   Portrait : Domenico Scarlatti

(Pantelis Prevelakis Hall (Conservatory [Music School] of Rethymnon) - 21:00:00)

Portrait : Domenico Scarlatti

21.00 Pantelis Prevelakis Hall - Conservatory of Rethymno:
Portrait : Domenico Scarlatti

A happy small tribute to the favorite composer Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1757). One of his most beautiful sonatas. It is, in fact, about small masterpieces of the pianist repertoire. Scarlatti sounds followed by solo piano works by great Greek composers such as Manos Hatzidakis, Giannis Konstantinidis, Giorgos Koumentakis, Minas Borboudakis and Babis Kana. Sounds worked with new techniques and different timbers, but they exude the same simplicity and immediacy just as their creators would like.

Piano récital : Eleni Papaspirou.

Entrance : 5 Euros

8/10   Portrait: Federico García Lorca. "Federico Lorca in the Greek Song"

(Cretan Folk Art Center - 12:30:00)

Portrait: Federico García Lorca. "Federico Lorca in the Greek Song"

12.00 Cretan Folk Art Center
Portrait: Federico García Lorca.
"Federico Lorca in the Greek Song"

A musical journey based on the poetry of the Spanish poet, through the music of Hatzidakis, Theodorakis, Glezos, Mamagakis, Leonti, Loizos and Maramis. The jovial poet who inspired so many Greek composers often said, "... The pain of man and the constant injustice that reigns in the world prevent me from moving my house to the stars." A phrase photograph of a man who loved the people.

Kostas Vasiliagkos: song, Andreas Stergiou: classical guitar, Eleftheria Pologeorgi: flute, Mari Hasapi: contrabass.

Free entrance

8/10   Portrait: Fortounatos.

(House of Culture - 21:00:00)

Portrait: Fortounatos.

21.00 Theater. House of Culture
Portrait: Fortounatos.

On the occasion of the 420th anniversary of the birth of the poet M.A. Foskolos, this 17th century Cretan comedy, which has all the features of the European comedy of that era, is rising again. It is a work written in a "percussion instrument" of fifteen-syllable verse that appears on the edge of the bloom of the Cretan Renaissance. One of the most characteristic samples of the literary production of the period that remains to this day a unique project.

Tilemahos Moudatsakis: Direction
Ifaistion Vaxevaneris: Music
Starring: Thanasis Patriarcheas, Alexandros Psychramis, Vassilis Samaritakis, Zanos Danias, Fotini Papadaki, Stella Siragaki, Argyro Tzirita, Kleanthis Varsamoulis.

The "FORTΟUNATOS" goes up in the scene based on the literary version of Alfred Vincent, Heraklion 1980

Entrance: 5 euros

9/10   Portrait: Katzourbos

(Pantelis Prevelakis Hall (Conservatory [Music School] of Rethymnon) - 21:00:00)

Portrait: Katzourbos

21.00 Pantelis Prevelakis Hall (Conservatory [Music School] of Rethymnon)
Portrait: Katzourbos

The "Katzourbos" by G. Hortatsis is one of the well-known comedies of the Cretan theater. It was written at the end of the 16th century and follows the typical patterns of the Italian comedy of Renaissance times. The value of the work is mainly due to flowing language and cultured verse, to the abundance of comic types, comic findings as well as to the quick action.

A performance from the Experimental Lyceum of Rethymno, Crete, Greece.
  (Theatrical and Music Education Group).

Free entrance

10/10   Portrait : Love (Eros) Timeless Love

(Pantelis Prevelakis Hall (Conservatory [Music School] of Rethymnon) - 21:00:00)

Portrait : Love (Eros) Timeless Love

21.00 Pantelis Prevelakis Hall - Conservatory of Rethymno:
Portrait : Love (Eros)
Timeless Love

A trumpet, a piano, and a female voice narrate by lyrics, through well-known arias, stories of opera heroes who love, betray, disappoint, yearn, abandon, but insist on hoping and passionately obeying the winged god. Because they know that love always has an angelic face.

Maria Latsouraki: Soprano
Dora Manitaki: Piano, Antonis Mavrakis: Trumpet, Babis Palios: Toumba

Entrance: 5 euros

11/10   Portrait: King Alfonso I "In the yard of Alfonso I"

(Tholos (Fortezza) - 21:00:00)

Portrait: King Alfonso I "In the yard of Alfonso I"

21.00 Tholos (Fortezza)
Portrait: King Alfonso I
"In the yard of Alfonso I"

A trip to the courtyard of Castile with 'Cantigas' of the Wise King. It is one of the largest collections of monophonic conspirators of the Middle Ages in the spoken language that has survived to the present, but also pieces of music of both famous and anonymous composers of the Spanish Renaissance and the Spanish Baroque.

Marita Paparizou: mesophone, specialized in old music
Alexandros Kalkos: vihuela player

Entrance: 5 euros

12/10   Portrait : Papissa Ioanna

(Pantelis Prevelakis Hall (Conservatory [Music School] of Rethymnon) - 21:00:00)

Portrait : Papissa Ioanna

21.00 Pantelis Prevelakis Hall - Conservatory of Rethymno:
Portrait : Papissa Ioanna

In a piano recital, two pianists follow and comment on the narrative of Emmanuel Roidis concernig the life of the woman who occupied the papal throne in the Middle Ages. The musicians perform plays of Purcell, Bach, Debussy, Kurtag, Ades for solo piano and four hands, in seven musical chapters accompanied by small extracts of narration.

Musical, religious and political, luminous and dark, godly and blasphemous, lead us to this heart-breaking journey from birth to triumph and eventually to the fall.

Giorgos Konstantinou and Dimitris Mimidis: piano

Entrance : 5 euros

13/10   Portrait : The Melancholy

(Pantelis Prevelakis Hall - Conservatory of Rethymno - 21:00:00)

Portrait : The Melancholy

21.00 Pantelis Prevelakis Hall - Conservatory of Rethymno:
Portrait : The Melancholy

Inspired by the "Portrait of Melancholy" in the Renaissance and Greek Traditional Music, the tenor Nikos Spanatis, George Goumanakis, mandolino player, and the French 'Ensemble Desmarest' attributed this strange figure of "Melancholy". These are the masterpieces of Shakespearean theatrical plays, the melodies of the Elizabethan era by J. Dowland, H. Purcell, Cl. Monteverdi and anonymous as well as the lamentations of the traditional music of Crete, Epirus and Greek composers such as Giorgos Koumentakis and Nikos Kypourgos, creating an atmosphere of distinct and rare musical sensation.

Entrance: 5 euros

14/10   Portrait : The Truth

(Pantelis Prevelakis Hall (Conservatory [Music School] of Rethymnon) - 19:00:00)

Portrait : The Truth

21.00 Pantelis Prevelakis Hall - Conservatory of Rethymno:
Portrait : The Truth

The group “Firdin Migdin” (the workshop Tzepetto) in collaboration with Amanda Gerarhaki, presents the "Truth". A show of objects and narratives that starts from the beginning of the world up to nowadays. A story about the fear, the search for knowledge, and the perpetual change.
For children from 7 years old and for adults.

Zoe Vlassi: Text
Natassa Tapaki: Stage design
Amanda Gerarhaki, Natassa Tapaki, Zoe Vlassi: Narration - animation
Directed by: Firdin Migdin
Eleanna Apostolaki: Assistant Director.

14/10   Portrait: Fotini

(Tholos (Fortezza) - 21:00:00)

Portrait: Fotini

21:00 Tholos (Fortezza)
Portrait: Fotini

Through the search for man's sentimental, emotional course in time, the entanglements cease to exist and we simply accept the cycle of life. Life, Love, Death and the "Unfaithful Luck" of people are poetically expressed by Georgios Hortatzis, Alain Chartier, Guillaume de Machaut, and by anonymous poets of the time. Nowadays the search continues through traditional double verses as well as with personal musical and poetic compositions based on the Cretan idioms.
Tina Andrikopoulou: Song, Tobias Schlierf: song, trochoviela, rebek. Nikos Katritzidakis: song, mandolin, thioboli, flute.

Entrance: 5 euros

15/10   Portrait: Francesco Barozzi.

(Agios Konstantinos (Saint Constantine) - 11:00:00)

Portrait: Francesco Barozzi.

11:00 Agios Konstantinos (Saint Constantine)
Portrait: Francesco Barozzi.

Francesco Barozzi, a Venetian scholar, was born in 1537 in St. Constantine. He studied in Padua and returned to St. Constantine though his life was between Crete and Venice. Mathematician, astronomer and philosopher was a real man of the Renaissance. He founded the Academy of Vivi. He was closely associated with Foskarini, the general governor of Crete and had correspondence with some of the most prominent scholars of the time. The books and manuscripts of his library are currently in some of the world's largest libraries and are a special part of the Oxford Library.

Nikos Papadogiannakis
Aspasia Papadaki

No events yet...

There aren't any events yet. For more information please contact: KEDIR - Municipality of Rethymno

17/8   Sounds in Porphyra

(Erofili Theater - 21:30:00)

Sounds in Porphyra

En Chordais

Sounds in Porphyra
En Chordais
A unique concert that traces the sources of Byzantine music heritage presenting works by
Greek composers of Constantinople, Akritika songs and ballads, as well as songs discovered
in post-Byzantine manuscripts.
En Chordais is one of the most internationally acclaimed and exceptional music ensembles
specializing in the traditions of the Mediterranean music. Its presence on stage is always
accompanied with a wide and unique repertoire mixed with compositions both from the past
and the contemporary time maintaining the originality and the timeless of the old as well as
the intimacy of the today’s trends. With this extensive repertoire and a playful, lively presence
on stage, the ensemble has toured throughout the world, receiving enthusiastic critical
acclaim. Radio France Prize for World Music - 2008
Official nomination for the UNESCO Sharjah Prize - 2006
• Kyriakos Petras - violin, Kyriakos Kalaitzidis - oud, artistic direction, Drosos
Koutsokostas - voice, luth, Alkis Zopoglou - qanun, Petros Papageorgiou – percussions.
With the participation of the folk music choir "Pavlos Vlastos".
Photo: Eleni Papadopoulou


18/8   Versailles, Ispahan, Topkapi - Echoes of the baroque palaces Constantinople

(Erofili Theater - 21:30:00)

Versailles, Ispahan, Topkapi - Echoes of the baroque palaces Constantinople


Constantinople invites you to join them on a journey from the Court of Versailles to the Chehel Sotoun, the Majestic Palace of Persia in Ispahan and then to Topkapι Palace seraglios of Constantinople’s Ottoman sultans. This concert, woven around the music of two great baroque composers, Marin Marais of France (1656-1728) and Demetrius Cantemir of Moldavia (1673-1723), together with Anonymous composers of Persian music from 16th and 17th Century, brings together contrasting yet harmonious musical traditions through Constantinople ensemble’s remarkable arrangements and signature improvisations.
Music from Baroque era is vivid and subtle as a butterfly. Each movement, each detail is always refined and defined in relation with every other movement. Surprisingly, similarities are abundant between French Baroque and the music developed at the Persian and Ottoman Courts.
Blending of those musical worlds, their complementarities and harmonies, results in a unique new journey that ignores time and space. Follow Constantinople on the road between Versailles Court and Topkapı Palace.
• Kiya Tabassian, setar, co-conception, Pierre-Yves Martel, viole de gambe, co-conception,
Ziya Tabassian, percussion, Didem Basar, kanun


18/8   The Wedding of Karagiozis

(1st Elementary School - 19:45:00)

The Wedding of Karagiozis

The Wedding of Karagiozis

The Wedding of Karagiozis

Christos Ioannidis
Shadow Theatre



19/8   The rhetoric of the Baroque era blends with contemporary rhythm and melody

(Tholos Imbraim Han - 21:30:00)

The rhetoric of the Baroque era blends with contemporary rhythm and melody

The rhetoric of the Baroque era blends with contemporary rhythm and melody

Marimba, a solo instrument that belongs to the percussion family and holds its origin from Africa and Far Εast, has been widely loved by the audience and all the percussionists who have been in a pursuit of a solo career during the last decades.
Dimitris Dessylas, a Greek soloist with international reputation culminates this year’s concerts with a recital with works of J.S. Bach. The audience will have the opportunity to enjoy these pieces offered by an instrument that even if considered as a percussion, it is deeply melodic.

• Marimba: Dimitris Desyllas


20/8   Αrie Amorose

(Tholos Imbraim Han - 21:30:00)

Αrie Amorose

Αrie Amorose

Arie Amorose is an Athology from the European Renaissance era and the composers who served the European Music, leading us to the Pre-classical and Classical Era.
From England and Purcell to Cyprus and Asherombasman; from Italy and Vivaldi to Germany and Handel; common lands, where love and the pain caused to lovers is present everywhere.
For the first time the famous Soprano Sonia Thoedoridou encounters Cembalist Julie Ventoura in the magical city of Rethymnon...

• Sonia Thoedoridou: Soprano Julie Ventoura: Harpsichord


21/8   Erotokritos in blues / Shakespeare in love

(Erofili Theater - 21:30:00)

Erotokritos in blues / Shakespeare in love

A musical performance based on: Erotokritos by Vitsentzos Kornaros as well as extracts from William Shakespeare’s works “As you like it”, “The tempest”, sonnets.

The subversive and modern music of Erotokritos, influenced by jazz and blues, meets the songs based on the love poems by William Shakespeare. The composer Dimitris Maramis, alongside with two talented young performers Korina Legaki and Thodoris Voutsikakis, each of them defining their own successful solo careers, and the participation of the violinist Zisimo Sulkuqis offer us a special night.
Part of “Erotokritos in blues” was presented on February 2013 at the “Megaron Music Hall of Thessaloniki” with great success. Shakespeare's love songs will debut at the Renaissance Festival of Rethymnon.
The masterpiece “Noche oscure”, a love ode by the Spanish poet San Juan De La Cruz’s (Saint John of the Cross) will be included in the programme.
• Music composed by Dimitris Maramis,
Singing: Korina Legaki,
Thodoris Voutsikakis, Violin: Zisimo Sulkuqis
Production: Dimitris Maramis


22/8   Music at the Court of Queen Elizabeth I

(Tholos Imbraim Han - 21:30:00)

Music at the Court of Queen Elizabeth I

Music at the Court of Queen Elizabeth I

Nikos Spanatis, counter tenor, and Katerina Ktona, harpsichord, will perform well-known songs from Shakespeare’s plays and traditional English melodies by important Elizabethan composers, such as William Byrd, John Dowland, Robert Johnson, Martin Peerson, Thomas Morley and others. The sensitive counter tenor’s voice and the gentle harpsichord sound are
promising a special musical evening.
Counter tenor Nikos Spanatis has performed in great concert halls and has collaborated with almost all the important baroque ensembles and orchestras in Greece. The distinguished harpsichordist Katerina Ktona, among the pioneers in the spreading of early music in Greece, continues being a leading figure in this domain. The two artists have cooperated many times in programs related to Early music, specializing in the music from the Elizabethan era up to the late baroque period, with great success.
• Νikos Spanatis: Counter Tenor
Katerina Ktona: Harpsichord

23/8   Kalokyra

(Erofili theater, Fortezza - 21:30:00)



A Cretan, renaissance story with elements from commedia dell arte and Brecht’s theatre...
• Direction & adaptation of the text: Kantifes Thomas

Music - Sound recording: Antonis Zacharakis
Lyrics: Kantifes Thomas & Frantzeskaki Stella,

Songs: Kantife Maria, Frantzeskaki Stella, Tzagarakis Lefteris,
Kantifes Thomas
Stage decoration: Emmanouil Miltos
Costumes: Theatrikos Periplous
Sound and lights: Kanna Evi
Photographer: Gavalas Giorgos
Poster designer: Tzanidaki Anna
Production: Τheatrikos Periplous

ΤICKET: 10 €

24/8   Patouchas

(Patouxas - 21:00:00)


Ioannis Kondylakis


21:00 Α Ρ Μ Ε Ν Ι  V I L L A G E



Theartical play for the celebrations of 100 years from the Cretan Union with Greece
• Theatrical Grooup “Art Pirates” from the Students of the 3rd G.E.Highschool of Rethymno and the Highschool of Panormo

Direcrion: Vangelis Papadakis
Production: «“Art Pirates»


27/8   Rythmomachia

(Agios Konstantinos - 20:30:00)



Rethymno, during Renaissance times, contributed greatly to the development of Science, Arts and Literature.
Francesco Barozzi, citizen of Rethymnon (1537-1604) was a famous philosopher and mathematician.
On the 4th January 1561 he founded in Rethymno the Vivi Academy which was the first association of scholars and intellectuals that had ever existed in the East, after 1453.
During the mid 16th century he systematically studied the rules of the educational game Rythmomachia, which was part of the main corpus of the curriculum in Western European monastery schools at that time. In 1572, Barozzi printed in Venice a handbook, that contained the rules of the «noblemen’s game», as he used to call it.
The presentation of Rethymno’s “Peiramatiko” High School focuses on the explanation of Rythmomachia’s rules and tries to enlighten aspects of Barozzi’s personality. Both students and teachers have been working on this presentation for two consecutive school years, within the frame of an interdisciplinary educational cycle.

• Presentation made by Peiramatiko High School of Rethymno


31/8   Α Midsummer Night’s Dream ..

(Roussosspiti - 20:30:00)

Α Midsummer Night’s Dream ..

...because everything is possible...

The theatre director and drama instructor Georgina Kakoudaki together with the theater company ω2/4Frontal present an innovative and hilarious performance based on W. Shakespeare’s play “Α Midsummer Night’s Dream”.

• Direction: Georgina Kakoudaki
Costumes: Νiki Psychoyiou
Choreography: Patricia Apergi
Actors: Stavros Giannouladis, Thanasis Zeritis,
Apostolos Koutsianikoulis, Eleni Koutsiouba,
Aristea Stafilaraki.
Production: ω2/4 Frontal


25/8   Rosa das Rosas: The pathways of Virgin Mary

(House of Culture - 22:00:00)

Rosa das Rosas: The pathways of Virgin Mary

Sinfonia ensemble

Α program of medieval sacred songs devoted to Virgin Mary from the collections “Cantigas de Santa Maria” and “Llibre Vermell” in dialogue with instrumental dances from the 13th and 14th century will be performed by the musicians

  • Fany Gartzou, soprano, recorder, crumhorn
  • Effi MInakoulis, mezzo soprano, lute, saz, percussion
  • Stavros Beris, tenor, ud, saz, percussion
  • Yiannis Papayiannis, recorder, crumhorn pommer
  • Anghelos Repapis, lyre

Monophonic and polyphonic vocal compositions and instrumental pieces with strong Arabic influences and colorful instrumentations lead the listener down the pathways of medieval devotional rituals.

Tickets 5 EUROS

Children under 17 years old FREE

26/8   Baroque Vespers

(House of Culture - 22:00:00)

Baroque Vespers

Maira Milolidaki, Nicolas Spanatis

Soprano Maira Milolidaki and counter tenor Nicolas Spanatis are collaborating in a program of vocal and instrumental music from the 17th and 18th century. Arias, duets and instrumental compositions of Monteverdi, Caccini Castello, Strozzi, Uccelini, Lully, Rameau, Handel and Telemann create a fascinating program where nostalgia blends with anticipation and the joy of life heals the sadness of hopeless love.

Both singers, recipients of important prizes and scholarships, are highly acclaimed in Greece and abroad and specialize in vocal music of the Baroque Period. They are accompanied by the ensemble Sinfonia, one of the first early music ensembles in Greece The ensemble performs extensively in Greece and has collaborated with established international artists.

Ticket 5 EUROS

Children under 17 years old FREE

27/8   Shakespeare’s «Midsummer Night's Dream»

(Erofili Theater - 21:00:00)

Shakespeare’s «Midsummer Night's Dream»

Magikess Svoures

Τhe most crazy, fabulous and famous comedy of the Renaissance theatre, by William Shakespeare.

The well known theatre group “Magikes  Svoures”, together with its director Dimitris Adamis  designed  this performance, especially for kids with humor and sensitivity, in order to bring to the heart of every child and adult the power of youth and imagination. 
The play portrays the events surrounding the marriage of the Duke of Athens and the Queen of the Amazons, including the adventures of four young Athenian lovers and a group of six amateur actors, who are controlled and manipulated by the fairies and Puck, also known as Robin Goodfellow.

The music of the performance is based on classic themes composed at the time of Shakespeare.

Οrganization: Magikes Svoures

Tickets: 10 EUROS 

28/8   The love in Crete is melancholic, but Aretousa, wants to dance! ..

(Erofili Theater - 21:30:00)

The love in Crete is melancholic, but Aretousa, wants to dance! ..

Maria Tzobanaki and Loudovikos from Anogia

Maria Tzobanaki and Loudovikos from Anogia dance and sing for the Passion of  Love

Singing & acting in a spectacular lyric combination!!!

  • Theatrical version: Maro Vamvounaki
  • Scenery: painters, Peter and Aglaia Xenakis
  • Virue’s Crown virtues: G.Tsarouchis and Pamela Gavrilaki
  • Lighting design: Panagiotis Tzevremis
  • Maria Tzobanaki: interpretation of  Aretoussa and song
  • Louis Anogia: mandolin and vocals
  • Manolis Bardani: harmonica
  • George Kontogiannis: Lyre and percussion
  • Vassilis Dramountanis: Mandolin
  • Anthony Mytakidis: guitar
  • Sophia Mafrogennidou: flute


Students: 5 EURO
Children up to 17 years old FREE

29/8   Erotokritos

(Erofili Theater - 21:30:00)


OMMA Studio

A group of  emigrants present  in a yard the  classical  Cretian poem of  16th century "Erotokritos",  by Vitzentzo Kornaros.

A contemporary point of view to the story of "Erotokritos" is offered, with live music and  ethnic  songs.

Direction: Antonis Diamantis

Starring: Panos Ioannidis, Rodoula Kraniotaki, Irini Koutsaki, Mira Poptesin, Ilias Staras, Eleni Strataki

Οrganization: ΟΜΜΑ studio

Tickets: 8 EUROS

30/8   Erofili Synopsis (A performance based on the play Erofili, by Georgios Chortatsis)

(Erofili Theater - 21:30:00)

Erofili Synopsis (A performance based on the play Erofili, by Georgios Chortatsis)

Horos Theatre Company

With erofili synopsis the troupe of Horos Theatre Company completes its research work in the Cretan Renaissance (2007 - 2012). This theatrical proposal is the result of a process that began with the renaissance poem of Apokopos (2007, 2008, 2009) writen by Bergadis and continued with two research approach performances of Erofili ("Erofili exercise 1" - touring to villages of Rethymno in 2008 and "Erofili  exercise 2” - presented at small Epidaurus and archaeological areas in 2010). 

The performance was premièred in the Athens & Epidaurus Festival 2012 and received excellent reviews.

The adaptation of the text highlights some of the amazing parts of Chortatsis’ Erofili. Three women are on stage. The mask is used as the primary mean of interpretation. The play has a timeless quality as if it had existed forever.

Performance ID

  • Direction – Scenery designer Simos Kakalas
  • Adaption Elena Mavridou
  • Μusic Νikos Veliotis
  • Masks Μartha Foka
  • Lighting Design Periklis Mathiellis
  • Sound Design Giorgos Mavridis
  • Assistant director Dimitris Kalakidis
  • Voice training Athina Trevlia
  • Literary consultant Natalia Deligiannaki
  • Production Manager Stella Teneketzi

Starring Dimitra Kouza, Elena Mavridou, Dimitra Larentzaki

Produced by

Horos Theatre Company in cooperation with Athens & Epidaurus Festival

Duration of Performance

1 hours and 40 minutes (no interval)

Ticket Prices

  • 15 euros
  • 10 euros student
  • 10 euros, if bought at least 6 hours before the performance
  • 20 euros family (4 persons)

Οrganization: Horos Theatre Company

31/8   Follie e altre storie (Italian Baroque Music)

(House of Culture - 21:30:00)

Follie e altre storie (Italian Baroque Music)

Ex Silentio – Early Music Ensemble

The program Follie e altre storie consists of sonatas and cantatas by Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741), Arcangello Corelli (1653-1613), Antonio Caldara (1670-1736) and Georg Friederich Händel (1685-1759). Through the works of the great masters of the time, the Italian late baroque musical idiom, is represented. The style that was created in Italy in the beginning of the 18th century, was known and adopted in the whole Europe. Its characteristics are the cantabile, extrovert lyricism, the rich harmony full of surprises and the often extreme virtuosity demanded by the voice and the instruments as well.

  • Nicholas Spanos  - countertenor
  • Dimitris Kountouras – recorder & traverso
  • Iason Ioannou – cello
  • Dimitris Tigkas - violone
  • Markellos Chrysikopoulos - harpsichord

The ensemble Ex Silentio was founded in 2001 by Dimitris Kountouras and Markellos Chrysikopoulos and is specialized in early music performance practice. Appearances of Ex Silentio are including festivals and venues in Holland, Germany Austria, Italy, Albania and Greece. The CD “Nell autunno di Bisanzio” was recorded in 2010 for the German label TALANTON.

Ticket 5 EUROS

Children under 17 years old FREE

1/9   Pieter Brueguel ‘Children’s Games’

(Palaiontological Museum of Rethymno - 20:00:00)

Pieter Brueguel ‘Children’s Games’

Schedia English School

In a time when playing, for our children, means addiction to a computer screen, a Renaissance work of art by the Flemish painter Pieter Bruguel  overwhelms us with pictures of children with a happy-go-lucky attitude, who just play to their heart’s content! The games, in this 1560 masterpiece, surprise us as we realize that they are played by children even today.
Come and see the ‘Games’ of children painted by Bruguel! And then let’s play! Play as much as we like!
Grigoris Kapandaidakis, guitar, Maria Papoutsaki, guitar, and Romanos Skoubourdis, Baritone, members of the instrumental music ensemble Fragiskos Leontaritis, will commence the evening introducing us to the songs of the renaissance era.

-Created by Schedia English School as a pre-planned project for school year 2012-2013. The aim is, through the teaching of English, to make children aware of the importance of outdoor games which tend to be abandoned for the sake of computers and other virtual ways of playing.

Music: Fragiskos Leontaritis Ensemble
Οrganization: Schedia English School  Helen Hamogiorgaki

Entrance FREE

2/9   Otello (1986 film)

(Palaiontological Museum of Rethymno - 21:30:00)

Otello (1986 film)

Cultural Association of Rethymno

Otello is a 1986 film based on the Giuseppe Verdi opera of the same name based on the Shakespeare play Othello. The film was directed by Franco Zeffirelli and starred Plácido Domingo in the title role, Katia Ricciarelli as Desdemona and Justino Díaz as Iago. The Orchestra and Chorus of Teatro alla Scala were conducted by Lorin Maazel.
The film premiered in West Germany on August 28, 1986, and received a U.S. theatrical release on September 12, 1986.

  • Directed by Orson Welles
  • Release date(s) Cannes Film Festival 1952
  • Running time 93 minutes

Organization: Cultural Association of Rethymno

Ticket: 5 EURO

Children under 17 years old FREE

3/9   Mi palpita il cor - Handel et l'Italie

(House of Culture - 21:30:00)

Mi palpita il cor - Handel et l'Italie

Baroque music ensemble “Le Masque”

Presentation of works that are still truly surprising, due to their strong dramatic sense and the great beauty of their melodic lines.

George Frederick Handel composed these vocal and instrumental pieces after his stay in Italy from 1710 to 1713. During that period he became deeply immersed in Italian music and made the acquaintance of many singers, with whom he met up later on. It was thus, in Italy, that he built up a vast repertoire, especially vocal, which he never ceased to use as a source for compositions. This enabled him to gain renown with important figures and patrons of the arts.

Created in Strasbourg in 1996 by Marc Hervieux, the baroque music ensemble “Le Masque”, regroups instrumentalists and singers eager to share their passion for the 17th and 18th centuries repertoire of the European nations.

Aniella Zins, soprano
Marc Hervieux, recorder
Tristan Lescène, violoncello
Eva Valtova, harpsichord

Tickets: 5 EURO

Children under 17 years old FREE

4/9   Rythmomachia ‘Renaissance Chess’ of Rethymnon

(House of Culture - 20:30:00)

Rythmomachia ‘Renaissance Chess’ of Rethymnon

Teachers and students of the Rethymno’s “Peiramatiko” High School

‘Renaissance Chess’ of Rethymnon

Rethymno, during Renaissance times, contributed greatly to the development of the Arts and Literature.
Francesco Barozzi, from  Rethymnon (1537-1604) was a famous philosopher and mathematician. On January 4, 1561, he founded the Vivi Academy, at Rethymno, which was the first association of scholars and intellectuals that had ever existed in the East, after 1453.
During the mid 16th century he systematically studied the rules of the educational game Rythmomachia, which was part of the main corpus of the curriculum in Western Europe’s monastery schools at the time. In 1572, Barozzi printed in Venice a handbook, that contained the rules of the «noblemen’s game», as he used to call it.
The presentation of Rethymno’s “Peiramatiko” High School focuses on the explanation of Rythmomachia’s rules and tries to enlighten aspects of Barozzi’s personality. Both students and teachers have been working on this presentation for two consecutive school years, within the frame of an interdisciplinary educational cycle.
As music was considered to be very important in the curriculum of the renaissance era, the music ensemble Fragiskos Leontaritis (Anna Malekaki, recorders, Grigoris Kapandaidakis, guitar, Maria Papoutsaki, guitar, Manolis Tzanakis, guitar, and Romanos Skoubourdis, Baritone) will create for us the melodic atmosphere of the times.

Οrganization: Teachers and students of the Rethymno’s “Peiramatiko” High School

Music: Fragiskos Leontaritis Ensemble


5/9   Camerata’s Soloists Ensemble - Baroque music Concert and Arias

(House of Culture - 22:00:00)

Camerata’s Soloists Ensemble - Baroque music Concert and Arias

Camerata of the Friends of Music

After a series of performances at the Baroque music Festivals of Insbruck (Austria) and Sable (France), the Camerata’s1 soloists ensemble presents this program under the direction of the highly acclaimed conductor George Petrou.

The early 18th century chamber music magic is revealed. Musicality and agility meet together in Handel’s and Vivaldi’s trio sonatas, the concert for mandolin and orchestra of Vivaldi (played on a copy of Italian masters period instrument), together with the rarely played, but exceptional, concerto for harpsichord and orchestra of countess Wilhelmine von Bayreuth, who was not only one of the most well known supporter of arts at her times, but also a brilliant composer. From such a program vocal music could not be absent! Two of the most beautiful cantatas by Handel and Vivaldi, devoted to the “betrayed lover,” are presented with the unique voice of the mezzo soprano Irini Karaianni

  • George Petrou: harpsichord, director
  • Irini Karaianni. Mezzo Soprano
  • Theodoros kitsos:: Mandolin, theorbo
  • Sergiu Nastasa: violin
  • Otilia Alitei: violin
  • Laurentiu Matasaru: viola
  • Jasson Ioannou: violoncello 
  • Dimitris Tigas Double bass


  • 10 EURO
  • Students: 5 ΕΥΡΩ
  • Children up to 17 years old FREE


No events yet...

There aren't any events yet. For more information please contact: KEDIR - Municipality of Rethymno

12/7   Opening Ceremony

(Beach front - 21:30:00)

Opening Ceremony

Renessaince Group

Water. Creator of Life.

The Lighthouse rises on the surface of the water. The light of the Renaissance will shine through it again this year. Its glorious shine will lead the Doge’s gondola to the central altar, where the city’s Duke will welcome him. The water revives the past, purifies the present and baptizes our city, causing a renaissance.

The fountain will light up with the light of this Renaissance.

Water jets celebrating life will sing the ability of man to live synergistically with the elements of Nature. Our bodies, having been created in water, will flow like a river of life to the New Square of the old town. There we shall all declare the opening of the Festival that bridges the past with the present.

Come join us in this sacred ceremony. Come with us to praise the Art, the Creation and the positive energy of Volunteerism.

Course of contemporary events

  • Beach front (El. Benizelou)
  • Course: El. Benizelou - Ioul. Petichaki - Palaiologou - Tit. Petichaki Sq.
  • Ends in the New Square of the old town - Mayor’s Greetings

13/7   From Ste Colombe to Marin Marais

(Neratze Mosque - 21:30:00)

From Ste Colombe to Marin Marais

The Spirale Ensemble

The Spirale Ensemble is devoted to the viola da gamba repertories on Marianne Muller’s initiative. Marin Marais (1656-1728) occupies a central place in the history of the viol in France. Trained by the gambist Sainte-Colombe (1640-1700), they both represent the golden age of the viola during the 17th century. Jean-Henri d’Anglebert (1629-1691) was a famous harpsichordist, he wrote a lot of « Suites de dance » and took part in the creation of the French harpsichord school. François Couperin (1668-1733), well known as harpsichordist and organist, had the genius idea to conciliate French and Italian styles. Thanks to his sense of humor, the simplicity and purity of his melodic invention, Couperin was one of the most important musicians in France at this time. This programme proposes an incursion into their world and sounds throughout both solo and chamber repertoires.

  • Marianne Muller basso di viola -conductor
  • Emily Audouin basso di viola
  • Violaine Cochard harpsichord
  • Charles-Edouard Fantin, theorbe et guitare

14/7   In the Spirit of J. S. Bach

(Neratze Mosque - 21:30:00)

In the Spirit of J. S. Bach

Emma Kirkby

J. S. Bach is the protagonist of this concert, with two wonderful cantatas, BWV 82a and BWV 209 and the second Overture in B minor for orchestra. These three masterpieces of the great composer, elegant, poetic, rich in emotions and full of energy will be presented in the intimate atmosphere of a small ensemble (il Tempio Armonico in a reduced version).

Special guests are world-renowned soprano, Emma Kirkby and Frank Theuns on flute. The richness of this combination of instruments privileges an attention to details found in this music: from the spiritual sensuality of the melodies, to the richness of the harmonic architecture; from the colors of the flute and the violin to the elegance of the decorative articulations of the instruments. Definitely a refined programme. Dame Emma Kirkby writes: “I am really looking forward to joining in the Rethymnon Festival this summer - what a pleasure to visit Creta again and this time to be singing as well! The two Bach pieces I shall sing are real favourites, in which it is a special chance for me to sing with Franc Theuns on the flute and other excellent colleagues, Cantata 82a is intense and spiritual, a rapturous contemplation of death as a release from this world and a way to heaven; Cantata 204 is secular, a cheerful farewell to a young musician leaving the court where Bach was working, to take up employment with another patron”.

15/7   Intellect and Passion

(Neratze Mosque - 21:30:00)

Intellect and Passion

Franc Theuns

This programme is an excellent representation of beauty found in Bach's music. These four instruments are of the most often used in the instrumental repertoire of the composer as well as in some of the most beautiful moments in the history of music. Thanks to four excellent musicians in Baroque interpretation, we will sense the taste of that beauty, proposing the compositions that best show the interactive and communicative capacities of these instruments, such as chamber music sonatas- including some parts of the eclectic Musical offering.

  • Franc Theuns traverso
  • Davide Monti violin
  • Alberto Rasi basso di viola
  • Lorenzo Feder harpsichord

16/7   Incanti. Τra dolcezza e furore

(Neratze Mosque - 21:30:00)

Incanti. Τra dolcezza e furore

Martin Oro

With Monteverdi music had to succumb to the text of the vocal words, thus music started developing its own codes of expression. The results of this process are visible in vocal as well as in instrumental music, due to the fact that these codes, when applied, give specific meanings to music, with or without the presence of words. Handel, Vivaldi and Quantz are three of the biggest names of this flourishing period, and their music is a wonderful tribute to Italy. Each one of them realizes his own individual aesthetic, according to his vocation: Handel was a great composer for voices, Vivaldi for instrumental music, in particular for the violin, and Quantz for the flute. The counter-tenor Martin Oro has a special and refined voice, perfect in rendering this repertoire; Frank Theuns is one of the most sensitive and broadly known Baroque flautists of his generation.

  • Martin Oro counter-tenor
  • Franc Theuns traverso
  • Orchestra: Il Tempio Armonico

17/7   "Fermate il Passo!"

(Neratze Mosque - 21:30:00)

"Fermate il Passo!"

VivaBiancaLuna Biffi

The origin of the Recitativo between Music and Poetry in Italy at the beginning of XVI Century. VivaBiancaLuna Biffi voice and viola d'arco, Maria Christina Cleary harp.

"In this program the Frottola, musical expression of its time, dialogues with the most known poetic forms used around the beginning of 1500 as well as with classic Latin texts. The ancient philosophy and the myths describe perfectly the torment of human reality, beyond any time".

VivaBiancaLuna Biffi studied fiddle, renaissance gamba and singing with Randall Cook, Richard Levitt and Dominique Vellard, at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis, in Switzerland. As both, singer and fiddle player she performs all over the world with some of the most important early music ensembles, as well as a soloist. Maria C. Cleary plays many different harps, ranging from medieval harps to the modern orchestra harp. She has been part of lot of ensembles specializing in early music and performs solo harp concerts of music of this time.

18/7   Τhe seasons of the soul

(Neratze Mosque - 21:30:00)

Τhe seasons of the soul

Vivaldi, Dall'Abaco

This programme takes us on a journey not only in the landscape of descriptive music - the Four Seasons is renowned for this - but also exhibits the cantability and creativeness of Venetian Baroque music. The freshness of Vivaldi's Allegro movements is extraordinary, as well as the passions felt in his adagios. His success lies in the simplicity of the themes and of the musical language.

Dall'Abaco is part of this aesthetic idea, yet with his own language. Sometime the simplicity of his themes is disarming, and in the same time full of surprises. There are many similarities between the two composers. They seem to have in common, the same genes of musical sensuality that brings us to discover those soulful moments of the heart, which are as true and strong today as always.

Il Tempio Armonico is an ensemble that plays on original instruments and specializes in the Baroque music of the Venetian region. They have recorded the complete orchestra's works of Dall'Abaco.

  • Davide Monti violin
  • Alberto Rasi conductor
  • Orchestra: Il Tempio Armonico

19/7   Miserere and Magnificat

(Neratze Mosque - 21:30:00)

Miserere and Magnificat

The Tallis Scholars

“The ten mixed voices of the internationally acclaimed Tallis Scholars, under their founder-director Peter Phillips, present a feast of Magnificats and Misereres, performing different composers’ settings of the two texts. The programme includes works by Palestrina, Byrd, Tallis and, of course, the Allegri’s superb Miserere.”

  • Directed by Peter Phillips
  • Soprano: Amy Haworth, Amy Moore, Amanda Morrison, Amy Wood
  • Alto: Kim Porter, Caroline Trevor
  • Tenor: George Pooley, Simon Wall. Bass: William Clements, Stuart Young

20/7   Peasants and…Lenders. Children Theatrical performance

(Erofili Theater - 21:00:00)

Peasants and…Lenders. Children Theatrical performance

Non Profit Organization “Chrysomilia”

Two little comic stories derive from two renaissance paintings. The stories, full of humor, include cultural elements of the renaissance era (music, costumes...). Special feature is the participation of children. The performance has been organized and realized by a dynamic group of artists and scientists, who have been working, for a long time on the research, detection, documentation and study of the elements of the Greek cultural heritage. Their aim is to preserve the historical memory and upgrade the cultural environment.

21/7   Don Kichotis, Michael Thervantes

(Erofili Theater - 21:30:00)

Don Kichotis, Michael Thervantes

Municipal and Regional Theater of Kozani

Don Quixote is a valuable work of world literature, which deals with the subject of illusion and eternal conflict between imagination and reason. It is an allegoric, unconventional work, which features qualities as humanism, virtue, bravery, transcendental redemption and high beliefs. It also presents failure as a human element, which is inevitable during the course of human development. It is a work that achieves a balance between tragedy and comedy, while draws the true figure of his dreamy character, Don Quixote de la Mancha! This adaptation of the work is based on a real event of the author’s life: his imprisonment in Algiers. Cervantes, Sancho and ten fellow prisoners escape from prison. While waiting for a ship to bring them back to Spain, Cervantes and Sancho narrate the story of Don Quixote. No ship is coming and Cervantes, follows Don Quixote’s tracks, by leading his fellows beyond the paths of human mind.

  • ADAPTATION – DIRECTION : Yiannis Karahisaridis.
  • SETTING: Pawel Dobrzycki.
  • COSTUMES: Yiannis Metzikof.
  • SONG COMPOSITION: Thanos Mikroutsikos.
  • LYRICS: Agathi Dimitrouka.
  • MOVEMENT: Cecil Mikroutsikou.
  • LIGHTING: Panagiotis Manousis.
  • STARRING: Giorgos Kimoulis, Dimitris Piatas, Clio-Danae Othoneou, Isidoros Stamoulis, Giorgos Ziovas, Giorgos Yiannopoulos.

22/7   Closing Ceremony

(New Old Town Square - 21:30:00)

Closing Ceremony

Renessaince Group

How does a town change shape?

We shall all meet at the New Square in the old town, to bid farewell to the flow of images and sounds from this year’s Rethymno Renaissance Festival.

Just like water, humanity changes through the ages, as Heraklitos said “everything flows”.

How many shapes does water take?

Our fairy tale comes to life on an ice-covered planet. The Ice Daemon and the sweet Snowflake are awakened from their frozen sleep when they are touched by the flame of Eros. Their frozen eyelids open and the flame blossoms.

Their bodies melt and the waters flow. Seas, rivers and lakes cover the face of the planet.

In spirit form, the two lovers unite under the water. Sparkling steam rises as a result of their union. It reaches the skies and it gives birth to their daughter, the lady of waters, the Moon.

She is led by Eros to the surface of the watery planet where she associates her faithful zodiac signs with water elements:

  • Cancer with the rivers,
  • Scorpio with the lakes,
  • Pisces with the seas.

And so life is created and through the water, life evolves and man appears.

He then gives praise and honor to the water as his life-giver.

Renaissance Festival Exhibitions


There are not any events announced yet for this year. Please choose a past year to see previous events.

Soon we will have more. For more information please contact: KEDIR - Municipality of Rethymno

28/9 - 15/10   Faces in Venetian Rethymnon

(House of Culture - )

Faces in Venetian Rethymnon

September 28 to October 15 at the House of Culture: "Faces in Venetian Rethymnon". The exhibition aims to highlight, in a fun way, the personalities who acted in the years of Venetian domination and to guide the young and the adult audience in the human dimension of these centuries.  Moreover, in conjunction with the exhibition "Faces of the 21st Century", we can see the protagonists and the hidden faces of our "dark" century searching for the Renaissance. Editor: Maria Tsouknaki.

1/10 - 15/10   Byzantine Hagiography Exhibition

(Byzantine Hagiography Exhibition - )

Byzantine Hagiography Exhibition

October 1 to October 15 
  "Byzantine Hagiography Exhibition".
  Holy Metropolis of Rethymnon & Avlopotamos.

1/10 - 15/10   Doors and windows of the Renaissance

(Fortezza Castle - )

Doors and windows of the Renaissance

1-15 October Fortezza castle
"Doors and windows of the Renaissance in the Fortezza castle.
Editor: Kravtsiouk Irene.

2/10 - 15/10   Form in Frame

(House of Culture - )

Form in Frame

October 2 to October 15 in the House of Culture:
"Form in Frame". Interactive Material Exhibition by children for children on the subject of portrait.
9-member group of Foreign Language Centers:
E.Dramytinou, T.Kinali, S.Kiro, B.Kyriakaki, M.Loni, N.Moraki, I.Patsoumas, V.Tservaki, E.Hamogiorgaki.

8/10 - 8/10   Renaissance scenery with you as the protagonist

( Museum of Contemporary Art - 11:00:00)

Renaissance scenery with you as the protagonist

8 October at 11.00-13.00 at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete: Workshop for adults and children on the subject: "Renaissance scenery with you as the protagonist". On the occasion of well-known paintings of the time, we create a similar scenery, we pose in the painting and we take photos. From Giavridi Katerina, visual arts.

8/10 - 15/10   Painting in another era Rethymnon

(Cretan Folk Art Center - )

Painting in another era Rethymnon

8 October to 15 October at the Center for Cretan Folk Art: "Painting in another era Rethymnon” 
Exhibition of works by Athena Prevelaki Tsakona.

13/10 - 13/10   Renaissance: Family Moments

( Museum of Contemporary Art - 19:00:00)

Renaissance: Family Moments

October 13th: 19.00-21.00 at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete. Family Pedagogical (teaching) Program for Primary School Children on "Renaissance: Family Moments"
A family program aimed at children and parents experiencing daily life during the Renaissance. From Dr. Trouli Sofia, educator (museopedagogue).

No events yet...

There aren't any events yet. For more information please contact: KEDIR - Municipality of Rethymno

12/8 - 11/9   Giannis Koumentakis

(Venetian Port - 20:00:00)

Giannis Koumentakis

Venetian Port

Yannis Koumentakis


The mantinades which make up the visual signs of the project are by Costas Kallergis (KIGK)

Curator: Maria Marangou
Opening: August 12, 20:00


Place: East entrance of the Venetian port

Organized by:
Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete


(Erofili theater, Fortezza - )


By the Holy Metropolis of Rethymno and Avlopotamos

After the first Icon Painting Exhibition which was successfully organized last September by the Holy Metropolis of Rethymna and Avlopotamos within the scope of the Renaissance Festival of Rethymno, on the occasion of the Blessed Visit of His All-Holiness the Ecumenical Patriarch BARTHOLOMEW in Rethymno, His Eminence Metropolitan Evgenios of Rethymna and Avlopotamos expressed the wish that this visual art event would take place every year, so that the Painters of the Icons who come from the area of our Metropolis or work within it, can expose their new works of that Holy and Liturgical Art.
The Municipality of Rethymno kindly offered a hall in the fortress of Fortezza, so that the 2nd Icon Painting Exhibition of our Holy Metropolis will take place from August 17th to September 1st, 2013, within the scope of the Renaissance Festival of Rethymno.
Thus, Rethymno, the Town of Literature and Arts, will continue providing evidence of the spiritual creation, tradition and culture, especially during these difficult times.


17/8   Maria Koutsouri

(Maria Koutsouri - )

Maria Koutsouri

Koutsouri Maria

Μaria Koutsouris

Tzane Bonialis / Melchizedek


17/8 - 1/9   Argiroula Valari Saounatsou

(Mousourou 5, Mitropoli sqr - )

Argiroula Valari Saounatsou

Argiroula Valari Saounatsou

Painting exhibition

by Argyroula Valari Saounatsou


Valari Art Gallery

5, Mousourou St. Mitropolis Square

23/8 - 9/9   Renaissance… «Art flight 3»

(Beach front - 20:00:00)

Renaissance… «Art flight 3»

Chrissoula Skepetzi

The belief that art is not going to impose any cutbacks in spirituality, the gifts and the emotions it offers together with the hope that art gives an interest free loan to each bankrupt courageous soul, produced an artistic intervention, inspired by the Renaissance era, that  is taking place for a third consecutive year at the coastal zone of the old town of Rethymno. There are lots of well known artists who use recycled or environmentally friendly materials in all art forms.  The mixture of techniques offers to their creations an ethereal dimension, enabling the transition from a conceptual fly towards the physical environment.

We believe that art-creation powers not only the artists, but each individual with the ability to re-create, transform, re-mould every cell, enabling us to rise from matter, time and space to spirituality, beyond every border.

Entrance: FREE

Opening 25/8 20:00

Music: Percussion ensemble

25/8 - 7/9   Icon Painting Exhibition dedicated to his all holiness E.P. Bartholomeo

(House of Culture - 12:00:00)

Icon Painting Exhibition dedicated to his all holiness E.P. Bartholomeo

Holy Metropolis of Rethymnon and Avlopotamos-Municipality of Rethymno

Dedicated to his all holiness ecumenical patriarch Bartholomeu

Entrance: FREE

Opening 3/9 12:30

25/8 - 5/9   Stars in the Wind

(Valari Art Gallery - 19:30:00)

Stars in the Wind

Argiroula Valari Saounatso

Painting exhibition by Argiroula Valari Saounatsou

26/8 - 9/9   Light in the Old Town of Rethymno

(Tholos Ibraim Chan - 19:30:00)

Light in the Old Town of Rethymno

Akis Raptis

The juxtaposition of colors and geometric forms leads artist Akis Raptis to portray the rhythmic transitions of light; particularly white light, originating from the Sun. As a result, the poetic functionality of light on Rethymno's Old Town is revealed: so much in its material existence (the light emitted from a source may be analyzed through its constituents), as in its spiritual substance.

Entrance: FREE

Opening 26/8 19:30

Music by: Patrick Rudant, flute

3/9 - 9/9   Body & flying

(Artillery Hall - 20:00:00)

Body & flying

Chrissoula Skepetzi

Visual environmental – ecological exhibition, describing the inspiration that the Renaissance era offered to the oeuvres of Chrissoula Skepetzi’s students on the following topics:

  • The body in art today. Starting point was the participation of the group at an interdisciplinary symposium organized by the University of Crete with the topic : “ The Absent presence of body in social studies, art, education and in health sciences”
  • The concept of “flying” in art in correlation with the Renaissance era.

Teacher and curator: Chrissoula Skepetzi

Entrance: Free

Opening 3/9  20:00

12/7 - 25/7   Hands on the ground

(Artillery Hall - 19:00:00)

Hands on the ground

Eleftheria Drosaki

Retrospective Exhibition of works by Eleftheria Drosaki in Rethymno

The Center for the Study of Contemporary Pottery in cooperation with artist Chryoula Skepetzi, cutates the retrospective exhibition of works by Eleftheria Drosaki, Hands on the ground, in Rethymno, under the aegis of Municipality of Rethymno. The artist's work is austere and plain or rich and earth-born. The viewer is attracted straight towards the earth of valleys, of agricultural work, of every kind of destination, of Hesiod, as well as of mystic verses. Mrs. Drosaki, while laying her hands on the ground, listens to the voice of earth, the mother of life and death. She expresses her images and her dreams using the tools, which History offers to travellers.

On Wednesday the 21st Mrs Drosaki will read fairytales to the children in the area of the excibition.

12/7 - 27/7   Images and colours of the Earth

(Valari Art Gallery - 11:00:00)

Images and colours of the Earth

Argiroula Valari Saounatso

Painting exhibition by Argiroula Valari Saounatsou

12/7 - 27/7   Portrait Figure Drawing ClassesRenaissance Style

(New Rethymno Odeon - 18:00:00)

Portrait Figure Drawing ClassesRenaissance Style

Crete International School of Art

"Learning to draw is really a matter of learning to see, to see clearly that is, which means a great deal more than merely looking with the eye" Kimon Nikolaidis

The practical drawing sessions will examine the human form. In an ambient environment you will be introduced to the techniques and compositions of the Renaissance Master draughtsmen. The spirit of rebirth inherent in Renaissance thinking reflects the regenerative force of the Earth and will be explored through the moving model.

Experience is not a prerequisite for joining these classes – whether you are beginning your artistic journey or you are experienced, under the personal guidance of the tutors you will be encouraged to extend your visual awareness and explore the elements which make up the sensitive, analytical and demonstrative drawing, so characteristic of the Renaissance.

  • Crete International School of Art.Tim Saville BA London (teacher)
  • Janice Hunter BA, MA Glasgow (teacher)
  • Rosina Bonsu, dancer and choreographer (model)

13/7 - 26/7   Children in Renaissance Painting through the children's eyes'

(New Old Town Square - 19:00:00)

Children in Renaissance Painting through the children's eyes'

English School 'Schedia'

Children from the English School 'Schedia' run by Helen Hamogiorgaki are writing down in a short note the impression made on them after getting a glimpse of children of another time, depicted in paintings of Great Renaissance Painters. The presentation in the form of Video-Art was accomplished after the children came in touch with the principles of the Renaissance Period and how they are connected with the spirit of the Ancient Greek Civilisation. The whole project was performed in the English Language.

13/7 - 22/7   Ιn the beginning there was... Fire

(New Rethymno Odeon - 18:00:00)

Ιn the beginning there was... Fire

An exhibition by T.Ηasikos, N.Stavridakis & Ch. Psarra

In the beginning there was Fire... The element of Mother Nature that filled last year’s Renaisance Festival with mystical atmosphere and marking an impressive, fiesty renaissance of the event. But before Fire hands over her dominant sceptre to her everlasting opponent, it haunts us with her presence once more, in a transitional exhibition, leading us from Fire to Water: Masks, costumes, artworks and images compose the living Renaissance anaglyph of Fire, the Queen of last year’s festival.

Opening on Monday 13/7/09 immediately after the concert of the “Ensemble Spirale” (Neratze Mosque) with rich dance spectacles, in and out of the hall.

Masks, costumes, artwork and images from the 2008 Renaissance Festival.

13/7 - 22/7   Images and colours of the Earth and the Bottom of the Sea

(House of Culture - 18:00:00)

Images and colours of the Earth and the Bottom of the Sea

Rethymnon Directorate of Secondary Education

Έxcibition by the Environmental Education and Cultural Matters sectors of the Rethymnon Directorate of Secondary Education

13/7 - 22/7   Re-naissant à la Renaissance

(1st Elementary School - 18:00:00)

Re-naissant à la Renaissance

Chrissoula Skepetzi

Η εικαστικός Χρυσούλα Σκεπετζή & τα 26 παιδιά που απαρτίζουν την καλλιτεχνική της ομάδα ηλικίας 4-14 ετών παρουσιάζουν τις δικές τους εικαστικές παρεμβάσεις - σε Αναγεννησιακές φόρμες ζωγραφικών έργων, κατασκευών & εγκαταστάσεων με ανακυκλωμένα υλικά.

Ε. & Θ. Θωμαδάκη, Μ. Καπετανάκης, Ε. Κιμιωνή, Κ. Κλάδου, Μ. Κουλάκη, Γ, Δ & Ε. Κουτσόγλου, Ε. & Μ. Κρεβατσούλη, Ζ. Κράνη, Π. Λαρεντζάκης, Ε. Μαθιουδάκη, Δ. Μιχελάκη, Λ. Μπερέτη, Χ. & Χρ. Παπαδάκη. Μ. & Ε. Παπαδόσηφου, Μ. Παυλάκη, Ε. Πολυχρονάκη, ΑνΜ, Σ. & Θ. Τζαγκαράκη, Κ. Τσουδερού.

13/7 - 22/7   Pebbles - Flowers by the sea

(Valari Art Gallery - 18:00:00)

Pebbles - Flowers by the sea

Argiroula Valari Saounatso

Painting exhibition by Argiroula Valari Saounatso.

Renaissance Festival Side events


There are not any events announced yet for this year. Please choose a past year to see previous events.

Soon we will have more. For more information please contact: KEDIR - Municipality of Rethymno

3/10   Stelios Foustralierakis

(Cretan Folk Art Center - 18:30:00)

Stelios Foustralierakis

October 3 to October 15 at the Center of Cretan and Folk Art:
"Stelios Foustralierakis". Lecture accompanied by visual material and parallel exhibition of photographs and musical instrument. Lecturers: A. Gevetzis and Th. Riginiotis.

6/10   andro Botticelli (approx. 1445-1510): from the House of Medikon in Savonarola

( Museum of Contemporary Art - 19:00:00)

andro Botticelli (approx. 1445-1510): from the House of Medikon in Savonarola

6 October 2017 at 19.00-20.00 Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete: "Sandro Botticelli (approx. 1445-1510): from the House of Medikon in Savonarola" by Giaple Dimitra Art Historian.

6/10   Seminar for the construction of Bulgari.

(Rethymno Music School (N. Mamagakis Hall) - 09:00:00)

Seminar for the construction of Bulgari.

6 October 09.00 - 14.00 at the Rethymno Music School (N. Mamagakis Hall) Seminar for the construction of Bulgari. From Stelios Sykakis and Nikos Koukoulitakis.

7/10   The Fortunato

(Roussospiti - 20:00:00)

The Fortunato

Roussospiti: 20:00 Saturday, October 7th: "The Fortunato" by MA Foskolos.

11/10 - 11/10   LECTURE: From El Greco to Picasso: The Impact of Greco on the Artists of the 20th Century

( Museum of Contemporary Art - 19:00:00)

LECTURE: From El Greco to Picasso: The Impact of Greco on the Artists of the 20th Century

October 11 at 19.00-20.00 at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete: "From El Greco to Picasso: The Impact of Greco on the Artists of the 20th Century" by Dr. Christidis Konstantinos Visualist, Professor of the University of Crete & Head of Educational Sector of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete.

11/10   SIGHTSEEING TOUR: Revealing the Renaissance rhythms in the Venetian portraits of Rethymnon, pedagogue (educator), historical researcher.

(Start Point: Square of the Unknown Soldier (Agnostos Stratiotis) - 17:30:00)

SIGHTSEEING TOUR: Revealing the Renaissance rhythms in the Venetian portraits of Rethymnon, pedagogue (educator), historical researcher.

  October 11, 17.30 - 20.00. Start Point: Square of the Unknown Soldier (Agnostos Stratiotis).
"Revealing the Renaissance rhythms in the Venetian portraits of Rethymnon".
From Haris Stradigakis, pedagogue (educator), historical researcher.

12/10   The Truth

(Myriokefala - 19:00:00)

The Truth

Myriokefala: 19:00 Thursday, October 12th: "The Truth" Firdin Migdin

No events yet...

There aren't any events yet. For more information please contact: KEDIR - Municipality of Rethymno

20/7   The Early Mozart

(Erofili Theater - 21:30:00)

The Early Mozart

Mozart Quartett Salzburg

The Early Mozart- The infant prodigy from Salzburg.Mozart Quartett Salzburg & Dionysis Grammenos, clarinet

The renowned Mozart Quartett Salzburg performs the finest chamber music from the Mozart city of Salzburg in its very own impressive style. Refreshing and enjoyable music by the 14 year old genius, like his first String Quartet KV 80 and his "Salzburger Divertimento" KV 136 sound like treasures of the early quartet repertoire by Johann Christian Bach and Giovanni Battista Sammartini - both of them composers who have met and grown to appreciate in Milan and London the travelling child prodigy.

The highlight of the evening will be Mozart's famous "Stadlerquintett" KV 581 with the participation of Greek clarinet virtuoso Dionysis Grammenos, whose golden clarinet sound is a balsam for the soul.

27/7   Earth Stories

(Military Museum - 21:30:00)

Earth Stories


How was the earth made? What is there inside it? How were the animals born? How do seasons change? Why did a renaissance knight travel so far to find the love of an arrogant princess? What is the world's most beautiful story? An original fairytale show mixed with music and songs, which take us on a journey to different worlds.

A musical story-telling invites the audience to explore the mysterious paths of improvised instruments and the sounds of the earth. "kat-ART-i", the Artist Association for the promotion of Art, introduces a different way of interactive fairy tale performance aiming to make the children experience a deeper contact with fairytales. Moreover, it offers them the opportunity to take part, act and react.

12/7 - 22/7   Mediterranean Panorama

(St. Francis Hall - 18:00:00)

Mediterranean Panorama

Temporary exhibition of the Natural History Museum of Crete

The Natural History Museum of Crete will present the The Temporary exhibition on “Mediterranean Panorama”. The exhibition is devoted to the very important biodiversity of the Mediterranean basin that is, for that reason, a very significant area for the planet earth.

According to the current scientific studies, the significant biodiversity in plants, animals, ecosystems together with the high percentages of endemic species makes the Mediterranean basin be one of places with the highest biodiversity in the world. The exhibition aims to make us meet the special parameters, the value and the significance of this area, when the most important goal of the International Community is to conserve and protect the international biodiversity. We believe that the link between Culture and Physical environment creates a very important and interesting axis that can give birth to special artistic and scientific works.

Digital footage of the event and digital archive.

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2017 Festival

The digital archive of the Renaissance Festival 2017

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2012 Festival

The digital archive of the Renaissance Festival 2012

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2009 Festival

The digital archive of the Renaissance Festival 2009

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